Thank You!

I have been touched with the response to my impending retirement over the last five weeks, and would like to say a HUGE thank to everyone fore their support and kindness.
The wonderful hand made cards and also gifts has been quite overwhelming. My house looks like a florist….
…and my garden also has new goodies including plants and a table!
I will be able to enjoy all the wine, Prosecco and Champagne for months to come. 
I also received some exquisite and beautiful hand crafted gifts. I haven’t had time to display all my cards at home yet but they will make quite a display. Once I have some time I’m planning to photograph them and post them on the blog so everyone can enjoy all the creativity and ideas!My husband, daughter and myself made a start yesterday on clearing the craft centre.

A BIG job that’s going to take quite a while!

I have boxes and boxes of cards……

….and once sorted and matched to envelopes will mostly be going to charity.
How many tables and chairs can be fitted into one normal sized car? Mandi managed to fit eight tables and eight chairs in hers which are destined for her village hall!!!

Most of the furniture and fittings have been donated to Michael Sobel House – Oxfordshire’s Palliative Care charity.

My team and myself are going to be very busy this week as there is a lot to sort. And after that I am going to be even busier as a retired person! Thank you everyone for all your good wishes for my retirement.

8 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Amanda

    Oh my goodness!!! You have all worked so hard! I can’t believe you have cleared that much! It looks so different! Don’t forget to sit in the sunshine….thank you so much again….we will really miss you…but know your going to make some more great memories! Take care, Amanda & Sophie XxX

  2. Heidi Schleimer

    Wow, you all have worked so hard already. It looks so empty and so different! But you and Paul will have a great time to look forward! 10 month to go Uwe then he retires!

  3. Angela Styles

    Seeing the emptier rooms just goes to show what a special place you created with AMOM- it always had such a positive and creative atmosphere! Thanks again for all your inspiration and patience!

  4. Mel Young

    Wishing you a long and happy retirement and I am looking forward to seeing all you wonderful holiday photos as scrap pages xx

  5. Wendy Fane

    Your must be shattered after your efforts of the last few weeks and all the more in need of retirement!! We will all miss our happy mornings of crafting and all the ideas you have given us over the years. It will not be the same looking them up on the internet! By coming to your classes it kept us inspired and interested so thank you so very much.
    Love and very best wishes!!


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