Create Your Own Embellishments……

…using a selection of molds and glues! And all the supplies needed are half price!
The Stix 2 glue gun is reduced from £9.90 to only £4.95. We have three in stock. (2 now reserved so one left)
Use it with these modge podge glue sticks in either milk glass or beach glass. Reduced from £5.60 to only £2.80:
Pour the molten glue into molds. Make your own alphabets: (1 reserved)
Gems: (sorry sold)
Autumn Leaves:
Or flowers:
Large Rose, Dahlia or Forget Me Not:
Add a ring form whilst the glue is still liquid to create your own rings. (Hold the top of the ring with a wooden peg to ensure you don’t burn yourself! (1 pack left)
You can also use the molds with super light weight air dry clay:

If you have spotted anything that you would like reserved for you please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Create Your Own Embellishments……

  1. Amanda

    Morning Christina!

    What a fab idea!!!

    Please could we have ——

    – a gem Mould
    – an alphabet Mould
    – 2 packs of key rings
    – a sea glass glue sticks
    – a milk glue sticks
    – and 2 x packs of hot melt glue sticks
    – 1 x pink glue gun

    See yet another amazing idea from you!!! See you at some point on Sat….

    Enjoy today…




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