Magathon Box Cards!

I love a pop up box card. They are always so impressive and can be created in so many ways! Here are just a few I made last year for some of our Magathon sessions.
I worked out a rectangle design for this weather themed box so that the rainbow fitted inside!
Jelly babies were a cute addition to this sweet themed box:
Another rectangle shaped box so I could fit in that knitting!
A rectangle box again to fit in the postcards for this vintage themed box:
A pop up box for a guy:
And a very special unicorn themed birthday box:
A nautical themed box using one of my favourite Creative Stamping collections from 2017:
And a pretty birthday card for a five year old that could be adapted for any age!
All the pop up boxes were filled with images from each months Creative Stamping magazine and were great fun to make. If you haven’t booked a Magathon session yet why not give it a go?

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